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A thorough and complete design is the most cost effective measure to help insure the expected return on investment for any construction project. Cabworks Custom Elevators will team up with your designer or architect or we can assign one of our designers to create a unique custom design that specifically addresses the buildings requirements. Cabworks Custom Elevators can also provide a 3D rendering based on an Architects drawings or any other design concept. These 3D Models along with 2D drawings allow the design intent, schemes and palettes to be illustrated from a variety of perspectives. Cabworks Custom Elevators designs contemplate the requirements of all prevailing codes and the standard practices of all specialty trades, which insures a seamless integration into the engineering process.


Once a design has been selected and approved Cabworks Custom Elevators in-house CAD mechanical engineers will create a complete set of project drawings which include all project specific data, code requirements and relevant information for customer approval. Cabworks Custom Elevators uses a 3D Parametric modeling program for its engineering solution. 3D parametric modeling, 2D CAD drawings, bill of materials, and BMS integration are just a few of the key features of the engineering software. Our software and engineering approach allows us to simply and cost effectively provide a mock-up design which is a very useful tool used to finalize a design prior to release for fabrication. Cabworks Custom Elevators can install the mock-up at the project site, a location designated by our customer or in our facility.


Cabworks Custom Elevators manufacturing facility is located at 3435 N Kimball, Chicago, Illinois 60618. Our in-house team of experts specialize in all types of architectural materials with a strong emphasis on metal, wood, glass and stone products. Welding, polishing, forming, cutting, laminating, wiring and final assembly are just a few of our areas of expertise.


Cabworks Custom Elevators uses specially trained International Union of Elevator Constructors Local #2 teams to manage our Chicago-land Union installations. We choose to employ local #2 teams so we can work in lockstep with our customer's elevator crews to facilitate a seamless install.  Our projects often coincide with other elevator related work so it is important that we maintain a strong team effort.  In addition this Union affiliation allows our own teams to work not only in the elevator cab but in the hoistway as well.

Cabworks Custom Elevators can also provide trained supervisory staff whenever we are outside of our union jurisdiction to help our customers complete a low cost installation solution. Any questions about your project? We have installation solutions for just about any circumstance. We are ready, willing and able to help facilitate our customer's project needs and requirements.


Stuff happens! Cabworks Custom Elevators' Chicago-land support network and manufacturing space allows us to quickly and expertly alter and/or repair materials or removable components on your used equipment. We can arrange to pick the items up or you can drop them off at our 3435 N Kimball, Chicago, IL. 60618 facility.