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Cabworks Products

Elevator Cab Interiors

Your visitors walk through your lobby on a brief trip to your elevators. While being transported many of them will determine the quality and standards of your building based on their assessment of your elevator cab. (Not a good idea but it is what it is!) Let Cabworks Custom Elevators give your customers an impression you want them to remember and appreciate.

Cabworks Custom Elevators was founded and created because of our desire to be a premier Elevator Cab Interior Design, Fabrication and Installation company. Our past project successes are a testimonial to our quality and commitment to providing quality architectural elevator cab interiors at competitive prices. These completed projects include new construction and modernization.

We provide elevator cab interiors for virtually any and all size elevator projects, there is no project too big or too small. Our teams have completed project sizes from single residential lifts to multiple elevators in high-rises.

Custom wood veneer, architectural glass, lightweight stone panels and laminates are a few of the architectural wall and ceiling panels we use to complete our custom elevator interior projects. Cabworks Custom Elevators specializes in the fabrication of architectural metals as well. All types of metal cutting, forming, welding and polishing techniques are required for our projects. The unique up-close nature that an elevator interior appearance creates requires that our teams maintain superior craftsmanship with our architectural products. This standard practice discipline insures a superior quality finish each and every time.

Cabworks Custom Elevators can build and install new cabshells for our customers. Our engineering department can also utilize the existing Cabshell, or factory OEM model, to accommodate and provide solutions for your elevator project needs.

Landing Frame Cladding

It can be cost prohibitive to try and replace existing landing frames on any project. Cabworks Custom Elevators has the ability to take a unique approach to each and every door opening in a building. This offers our customers a cladding solution on any project and in any environment. Architectural metal, glass or wood can be used to facilitate any design requirements. A Cabworks Custom Elevators' cladding solution is indistinguishable from a costly complete landing frame replacement. Cabworks Custom Elevators has performed thousands of landing frame claddings.

Elevator Door Cladding

Cabworks Custom Elevators employs the same union installers used by all the major international elevator companies. Architectural metals are the most typical of the door cladding solutions. However, Cabworks Custom Elevators has the ability to help with even the most complex door cladding projects. Custom etch, woven metal, hand painted and even custom bonded materials are just a few of the alternative door claddings we can provide. Cabworks Custom Elevators requires that the doors be removed by either our highly trained Union field teams or the property's elevator maintenance/service company to ensure a proper door cladding is completed. There are several integral safety functions that elevator doors perform to keep the elevator running safely and efficiently. Our door claddings are made to exceed industry standards for safety and to ensure long-term durability.

Elevator Cabshells

Cabworks Custom Elevators produces rugged cabshells for the new construction and modernization markets. Our cabshells are ideal for all applications including high-end custom cab interiors. Our standard cabshell includes 14-gauge painted metal wall panels with no less than 6 formed edges per panel. The addition of each bend on this material helps reduce potential rattle and vibration of the architectural interior components. A 12-gauge painted metal cabshell roof panel system is also standard.

Designed by elevator technicians our engineered cabshells allow for a quick and efficient install. In addition, when swing front return panels are desired, a Cabworks Custom Elevator swing front is designed to be 100% removable from inside the cab. We have engineered our swing fronts to allow for potential future code required fixture changes to be achieved as cost effectively as possible.

Cabworks Custom Elevators has engineered, fabricated, and installed cabshells in every size and door configuration imaginable. We will find a solution for all our customer's needs and requirements.

Elevator Canopy High Hat Extensions

The term “Dog-house or High-Hat Extension’ are the elevator industry trade names for a small structure that is added to an elevator canopy. Many elevator cabs were created with insufficient ceiling and overhead space to accommodate the moving of furniture, construction equipment, and building equipment. The canopy extensions raise the height of the elevator interior which allows for more interior space. Cabworks Custom Elevators can create a unique one of a kind 'high hat' to gain as much interior elevator space as possible. Cabworks Custom Elevators always tries to keep cost as low as possible for our customers while maintaining a high-quality and safe elevator.

Escalator Cladding

Cabworks Custom Elevators has built and installed escalator claddings for a variety of buildings, malls, airports and public transportation facilities. Our customers install their O.E.M escalators and then our International Elevator Constructors Union Local 2 teams will install our claddings. Typical claddings are architectural metal, however our teams are trained in all architectural materials which allow us to accommodate any design need.

Our public transportation cladding systems are designed and installed with the requirements needed for these high-use and rugged environments. A Cabworks Custom Elevators designed and fabricated escalator cladding system includes the structural integrity and load calculations required to accommodate external hand rail systems. This is the ideal system to use when cladding next to escalators situated by or within a stairwell.

Elevator Ceiling/Lighting Systems

An elevator is a moving transportation system, as such, it has very specific lighting and code requirements. Cabworks Custom Elevators has extensive knowledge in the code and aesthetic requirements our elevator interior customers demand. Incandescent, halogen and LED are a few of the lighting systems are available. New LED lighting systems can be very useful in lowering building maintenance costs and can be used in place of traditional fixtures. Our ability to create a mock-up either in-house or at a customer provided site can be invaluable in the selection process.